3 Easy Ways to Relax When You are Near the Sea

You have just returned home from a hectic day at work. Whether it was replying to those 238 emails, or explaining to your boss why it is taking so much of time to reply to all those emails, you are in an irritable mood. Even your go-to stress-buster, the mighty television, is getting you worked up instead. The weather, the music, even the Netflix is getting on your nerves now, and you have no idea what to do about it. Fortunately, you live near the sea. So, here is what you can do to make yourself stress-free and calm your nerves.

Meditate on the Beach

Meditate on the Beach

No, it doesn’t take an hour’s worth of meditation to relax. 5 minutes is all that is needed. Scientific research has shown that even meditating twice for 5 minutes every day can reduce stress and depression. Now, if you combine meditation with a beach, it’s a stroke of genius right there. Pick a place on the beach which is slightly away from where families and most visitors hang out. Lay out the yoga mat, and sit down comfortably. Now, focus on your breathing, and forget everything else. The sea breeze and the sound of water will make it even more relaxing.

Take Your Pet on a Stroll

Take Your Pet beach

Pets are pure awesomeness. Their innocence, and sheer love for you can melt you even when you are facing the worst of days. If some social rejection is the cause of your bad mood, then your pet’s unconditional acceptance of you might be more than enough to get you out of it. Snuggle up with it. Those furry angels can make anyone happy, including you. If you truly wish to make the best of the evening, then jump into the water with your pet, and play with it, especially if it is a big dog. You may want to think twice before taking your small pet. Medium and big sized dogs are amazing companions for playing in the water. You will be laughing out loud and full of happiness by the time you two are tired and ready to head back home, all rejuvenated.

Full Body Relaxation at the Beach

Full Body Relaxation at the Beach

If you are close to the sea, then you have hit the jackpot. The vast swathes of water are proven to calm the human brain. When you are in the city, you are hit with an endless amount of sensory stimuli, from those millions of outdoor ads to random vehicle’s sounds. It is impossible to find calm.

On the other hand, the clear water that extends beyond the horizon does not offer any stimulus. It is tranquil, peaceful, and does not force you to think anything. When you are on a beach or any sea shore, you enter into a deep meditative state. You can just sit there and stare at the water for hours. Or, get yourself in the water for a full body relaxation experience. Water is like a natural tranquilizer.

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